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What Is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a branch of computer science where students will be learning the art of writing secret codes and decoding them. In the IT world, cryptography is a technique used to transfer confidential information to the authorized recipient in an encoded format. The receiver will be decoding the information with the help of the secret key. So, in the process of sending the information, no hacker can steal the information in the middle and compromise your systems. The main purpose of cryptography is to transmit and receive messages that are for the military. The significance of hiding the information while transferring them over the internet is learned. Today, cryptography is used by many companies. The main intention of this cryptography is to communicate between remote systems safely by embracing protocols and algorithms. This subject is not easy for students to compose assignments or term papers. However, you do not need to take stressed because we have in-house professionals who offer you Cryptography assignment help at pocket friendly rates.

In cryptography, normal text is converted into an encrypted format, but there would be a few key concepts involved. These include the private key, public key, digital signatures, authentication, SSL, MD5, etc. These techniques are used to convert normal text into encoded text with the help of a key that is learned in cryptography. The topics in this subject are not so easy to comprehend. Though this subject is loved by many people, few find it very challenging. The techniques and coding structure used in cryptography would make it a Herculean task for students to complete the assignment. If you do not understand the subject, then you would eventually lose grades. However, our cryptographic experts who hold enormous knowledge of various concepts would give you the best Cryptography homework help.


Reasons Why Cryptography Is Important

Cryptography is very important today to interact with people on mobile phones or send messages in emails. This technique will let people interact and send confidential information through the internet to emails without worrying about the message getting tampered. Few reasons to use cryptography include:


Electronic falsification is a major concern of many people today. There are many hackers who are using fake digital signatures in the name of the person and compromising their data. When cryptography is used, it offers safer electronic transactions.


There are many computers that are connected to the network, which allow sharing of information with each other globally. When cryptography is used, it keeps the data or electronic transactions that are done safely. The usage of this technique is very important with the increase in e-commerce business.

Access control:

This is used to control satellite and cable TV. This technique will not let the attackers to tap into the cables and get free cable service


Applications Of Cryptography

Cryptography is a technique that is used to secure data that is transmitted over the internet without letting hackers to steal it and misuse the information. A few of the purposes of using cryptography include:


This is used to prove the identity of the individual. Here, both the sender and the receiver can validate their identity with the help of the MAC address technique.


This will be passing the declaration that none of the users who are exchanging data can deny it. To be precise, the two parties who are exchanging information should use an authentication key to authenticate each other.

Maintain data confidentiality:

The data will not be revealed to any third party. When both the sender and receiver will be involved in the communication process, the confidentiality should make sure that the data shared between the parties are not revealed to others.

Data integrity:

The cryptographic codes used will make sure that the data transmitted over the internet remain unchanged and will not get destroyed.

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Some of the popular topics on which student avail Cryptography Homework Help service:


Digital Signatures

Chosen-ciphertext security

Schnorr Digital Signature Scheme

Secure Protocols

Message Authentication Codes

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Data Encryption Standard (DES)

Message Authentication Codes(MAC)

Non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs

Elgamal Digital Signature Scheme

Triple DES

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Two-party secure computation

Interactive proofs

Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)

Multiparty secure computation



Different Types of Cryptographic Techniques

The different types of cryptography techniques that are used include:

Public key cryptography: This is asymmetric encryption that comprises two cryptosystems so that a secure connection would be established between the sender as well as the receiver of the message.

Secret key cryptography: This technique will make use of a single key. The sender will be using this key to encrypt the message while the receiver will be using the same key to decrypt the message. In this type of technique, a single key will be used to complete the encryption and decryption process.

Hash function: This technique is used to check the integrity of the messages so that no message will be tampered with or destroyed by malware. This will be using a fixed-length hash value. 


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Best Online Cryptography Assignment Help

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Cryptography Topics

Cryptocat Buncy Castle
Systematics Key Cryptography Public/Open Key Cryptography
Secret Key Cryptography Hash Function
Security against plaintext attacks Differential and linear cryptanalysis
Arithmetic modulo primes Message Authentication Codes(MAC)
Collision resistant hash functions Pseudorandom permutation
Trapdoors permutation Semantic security
Digital signatures Problems of secret communication
ymmetric key cryptography Cryptanalysis
Cryptosystems Cryptographic natives
Symmetrics Ciphers Data Encryption Standard
Advanced Encryption Standard Web Security



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Example of A Simple Cryptography Code Written By Our Expert

Code for: Symmetric Block Cipher


The algorithm for the Feistel cipher encryption is given below – 
1.     The input message divided into two half part
2.    Let the encrypted word in the step i be
Mi=Li + Ri with Mo: =Lo + Ro (it is in the form of uncypher text)
3.    For (I = 0; I <=n; I ++)
4.    Li+1=Ri
5.    Ri+1=Li XOR F (Li, Ki);
6.    M_N=Ln+1 + Rn+1
7.    Return Mn

def splitText(text, key):
    return bin(int(text, 2) | int(key, 2))

def xorCalculation(right, left):
    return bin(int(right, 2) ^ int(left, 2))

def encText(left, right, key):

    x1 = splitText(right, key)[2::]
    x2 = xorCalculation(x1, left)[2::]
    x2 = "0" * (len(x1) - len(x2)) + x2

    return x2 + right

def decText(left, right, key):
    x1 = splitText(right, key)[2::]
    x2 = xorCalculation(x1, left)[2::]
    x2 = "0" * (len(x1) - len(x2)) + x2
    return x2 + right

plainText = input("Enter plain text in binary format: ")
    totalRounds = int(input("Enter the total rounds <=4:"))
        print("Enter the value of keys %d " % totalRounds)
        key = []
        for i in range(totalRounds):
            key.append(input("Enter Key:" + str(i + 1) + " (in binary format): "))
        n = len(plainText)
        Cipher = plainText
        for i in range(totalRounds):
            Cipher = encText(Cipher[0:n // 2], Cipher[n // 2:n], key[i])
        print("Encrypted data= %s" % Cipher)

        P = Cipher
        for i in range(totalRounds):
            P = decText(P[0:n // 2], P[n // 2:n], key[i])
        print("Decrypted data= %s" % P)
        print('Total rounds exceeds 4, please enter maximum round less than or equal to 4')
    print("Entered values execeded 32 bits")


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Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To Cryptography Assignment Help

Cryptography is a way of protecting sensitive information using codes and transforming it into a secure format. Using, cryptography an encrypted message can be replaced by alphanumerical characters.

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